The OCMER system for sprayed concrete type OCS-4972 COMPLETO is normally mounted on a crawler but it can naturally as well be installed on a wheels wagon.It is composed from the Ocmer rotor machines type OCM-049 MEDIA able to process wet & dry concrete mixes in effective volume up to 10-11 cubic meters per hour, the dosing unit for liquid quick setting chemical admixtures Ocmer type ODP-018 LIQUIDO with adjustable output from 80 to 700 litres per hour at 10 bars and, finally, from the spraying arm Ocmer type OSM-7200 RAPIDO where the 2000 mm head axial movement allows to operate in a simple and intuitive way.Its use is mainly into tunnels of small/medium size diameter but is can be as well used in slope consolidation and channels restoration projects.Its compact dimensions allows to use it in restricted area, while the possibility, upon request, to dismount the rotor machine from the carrier gives the possibility to use it even in place where the access of a truck mixes is difficult or not possible at all.

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Weights Kg. 4200

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