The plants OCMER type ORP/300 and ORP/302 are typically destined to the tundishes’ ordinary maintenance into the steel plants. The refractory mix normally stored in big bags is charged into the silo from where a electro driven guillotine gate regulate its flow into the mixing group. Here a controlled amount of water is added and then a mixing device provide to feed the vertical pumping group that bring the mix under pressure until the nozzle where compressed air is added.

A min/max level electron-probe located into the pump hopper ensure the continuous feeding of the pumping group in a continuous way. The water and air pressure are monitored from two dedicated pressure switch. The nozzle man can stop and start the plant by simply close/open the compressed air valve at the nozzle.

The model ORP/302 is endowed with a double charging silo and a double mixing devices so to can process tow different refractory mixers with one and the same plant.

The mixes can be applied manually of with a robot arm.

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 302 assieme 1.5 mc



Weight: Kg. 1.650 (ORP 300) - Kg 2.400 (ORP 302)


Output: adjustable till 4 M3/h
Pressure: up to 30 bars
Silo’s capacity :1.5 - 2 M3 (othe capacity upon request)
Grain size: up to 6 mm
Water dosage: from 300 to 1600 liters



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