The machine can be finally supplied in its DOSA version with an integrated synchronized dosing unit for the liquid quick setting chemical admixtures.

 model OSM-7200 RAPIDO has been specifically designed to operate in tunnel of small/medium dimensions. With the axial movement at the head in horizontal position it is possible in fact to operate at best in galleries with diam from 4 to 12 mt and height from 5 to 8,5 mt. The whole structure of the arm is protected from robust steel frames. All the movements are driven from proportional electro-hydraulic distributors that allows a precise and fast positioning by means of three joy-sticks placed on the special radio remote control unit.

The OSM-7200 RAPIDO can be supplied as free standing unit or mounted on a hydraulically stabilized track carrier.

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Weight Kg. 1500


Installed power: HP=10, 3x400 V, 50 Hz (other voltages upon request)
Electric control panel: EEC NORMS (EN-60204-1; EN-60439-1; 73/23/EEC; 93/68/EEC);
Protection degree: IP55;

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