The spraying arms of the RAPIDO series are destined to  the moving at a distance of the spraying pistol when executing sprayed concrete linings  using both the dry or wet system. 

Their use allows to better in large extent the working conditions at the job-sites together with a sensible increase in the productivity.
The range is composed of four models, the OSM-8600 RAPIDO destined mainly to slopes consolidation, but adopted as well in medium size tunnels and in channels restoration project.
To facilitate the using of the arms in tunnels OCMER has developed a complete range of arms endowed with a 2.000 mm axial movement at the head that allows advancement of the same length in a really intuitive way. 
The range with axial movement at the head is composed of three models the OSM-4200 RAPIDO, the OSM-7200 RAPIDO and the biggest OSM-9600 RAPIDO. 
The first  has been specifically developed to operate in tunnels and cavern of  sections up to 7 mt and is typically destined to the mining industry. 
The OSM-7200 RAPIDO allows to operate in tunnel with section up to 11-12 mt while the bigger OSM-9600 RAPIDO can be used in tunnels up to 15-16 mt diam.
All the arms can be supplied as free standing units or mounted on a hydraulically stabilized track carrier.  
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